Work Experience Sumit Verma


DGM – Marketing & Branding (Since Dec 2011)

Country marketing for all segments MCO, PCMO and DEO for brand

IPOL Lubricants & Repsol Lubricants.

  1. Generated media ad value of approx. 1 Cr in two months (Jan + Feb 2017) through submission of various articles and print & TV interviews.
  2. Successfully & remarkably launched Spanish lubricant brand Repsol Lubricants in India. Solely in-charge of its product positioning, planning of marketing strategies for fy 16-17, branding & merchandising, PR Plans and grandiose launch event.
  3. Introduced cost effective logistics methods for transporting merchandises, able to manage savings worth Rs 15 L per annum.
  4. Introduced branding and merchandises elements in ERP to understand the cost productive analysis.
  5. Introduced bar code system in coupon schemes to get various analytics including commercials outflows and SKUs movements at tertiary level.
Profile – Corporate Communication & Media
  1. Strategizing for the PR calendar to handover directional guidelines to PR agency.
  2. Identifying relevant mainlines & trade magazines for media & PR related assignments.
  3. Preparation of articles, quotes on various technical & non-technical subjects & submission to various trade magazines.
  4. Circulation of published articles to internal team and also to channel partners & customers.
  5. Direct communication on a regularly basis through “direct mailer” concept to internal team and also to associates.
  6. Upload articles on social media and make it viral through tagging.
  7. Meeting with various energy journalists, media & ad agency to understand the opportunities available to promote brand.
  8. Preparation of pre and post event presentations.
  9. Quarterly analysis of PR related work to understand the ROI earned.
  10. Organising events, exhibitions and press conferences in coordination with various agencies.
  11. Development of company website in coordination with IT team and agency.
Profile – Brand Management
  1. Identifying market opportunities and developed product positioning along with it promotional strategies and approaches to develop brand recall.
  2. Analysing sales forecasting and strategized to ensure the sale and predictability of products, lines or services, analysing business developments and monitored market trends.
  3. Evaluation of the financial impacts of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return on investments with profit – loss projections.
  4. Planning and development of marketing initiatives to achieve the final budget for yearly marketing initiatives.
  5. Coordination & developed & maintained professional relations with creative agency, PR agency, celebrity managers & event agency to give 360 degree power packed value for brand development.
  6. Identifying the prerequisite of change in market offers and develop lucrative schemes & offer supports in improving substantial volumes on quarterly basis.
  7. Developing and analysing method to evaluate scheme success rates and modify future schemes accordingly which benefits sales volume growth.
  8. Formulation and presentation of policies for marketing department directly and indirectly affecting the growth prospects of the brand equity and sales volumes.
  9. Supporting brand by advising and participating in promotional activities, events & trades shows, coordination with designers, developers, advertisers and production managers to market products and services.
  10. Strategizing and introduce online market campaigns for product promotions and brand development.
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